Bacteria Reverse Mutation Test

The principle of this bacterial reverse mutation test is that it detects chemicals that induce mutations which revert mutations present in the tester strains and restore the functional capability of the bacteria to synthesize an essential amino acid.

Chromosomal Abberation Test

The purpose of the in vitro chromosome aberration test is to identify agents that cause structural chromosome aberrations in cultured mammalian somatic cells. The in vitro chromosome aberration test may employ cultures of established cell lines, cell strains or primary cell cultures.

Micronucleus Test

The purpose of the micronucleus test is to identify substances (liquid or solid) that cause cytogenetic damage which results in the formation of micronuclei containing lagging chromosome fragments or whole chromosomes

Cytotoxicity Test

Cytotoxicity is an in vitro test to determine whether the medical device will cause any cell death due to leaching of toxic substances or from direct contact..

Cell Gene Mutation Test

The in vitro mammalian cell gene mutation test can be used to detect gene mutations induced by chemical substances.