This is the era of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

There is a massive data explosion that has resulted in the culmination of new technologies and smarter products.

At Mr. Biologist our principal purpose is to find patterns within the data and enable our scientists to draw insights from the data and deliver the best in class products .

The biotech industry has grown leaps and bounds and has accumulated a considerable amount of scientific data through research. Being in an industry where data is crucial, it’s not hard to see why biotech companies use data science and artificial intelligence.

At Mr. Biologist we are creating better innovations with an abundance of data we have and are on our way to store and gather more data. With the help of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence the costing of products or research can also be cut down.

The NIH’s National Human Genome Research Institute has calculated that:

• Generating an entire human genome sequence would have cost approximately $20 million in 2006.

• Thanks to the development of next-gen sequencers, it is now about $1000 per genome.